🎥 Whistle Down The Wind – 1962

The Story …

Three Lancashire farm children discover a bearded fugitive (the Man/Arthur Blakey) hiding in their barn and mistake him for Jesus Christ.

They come to this conclusion because of their Sunday School stories and Blakey’s shocked exclamation of “Jesus Christ!” when Kathy, the eldest child, accidentally discovers him.

In Sunday School the children quiz their teacher and become even more convinced in their belief.

The story spreads to the other children and ten visit him in the barn …

While he sits in the hay in a Bethlehem-type setting, they bring him gifts and kneel as they present them. They ask for a story. They want a Bible story, but he reads to them from a newspaper.

When two adults appear, the children have to leave, and Blakey has to hide in the hay. He asks why they are helping and Kathy says “because we love you” and hands him a folded Bible picture of Jesus.

In a playground, one boy gets bullied for saying he has seen Jesus. The children watch in dismay as the boy eventually renounces his statement. When Kathy says she has seen him, the bully slaps her face.

Blakey – initially confused about why the three Bostock children are eager to protect him from adult discovery – makes no attempt to correct their mistake, especially when he discovers the eldest child, Kathy, is determined to keep him hidden from the local police, despite the posters circulating in the nearby town that reveal he is wanted for murder.

When Blakey lets a kitten die, with no remorse, a doubt is sown in the minds of some of the children.

The children quiz the vicar as to why Jesus does not save every person and animal and he says it is so the world does not get crowded.

Blakey sends Kathy to retrieve a package he has hidden. A police manhunt takes place as Kathy searches. She finds the package under a rail in a railway tunnel. This provides Blakey with a revolver.

At Charles’ birthday party, Nan takes an extra piece of cake and lets slip it is “for Jesus”. Charles says it is not Jesus, it is “just a fella.”

Kathy’s father realises the connection to the missing criminal and the police are called in to apprehend the criminal. The father waits outside the barn with a shotgun.

The children of the village, perhaps 100 of them now in on the secret, converge on the barn. Kathy sneaks behind the barn and passes a pack of cigarettes through a hole, but she has forgotten matches. She says she has not betrayed him, but the police are closing in.

He forgives her and, after much prompting from her, promises she will see him again. Resigned to his fate, Blakey tosses his handgun out of the barn door and surrenders to the police.

Blakey stands arms outstretched as he is frisked. His silhouette echoes the crucifixion.

Once Blakey is taken away and the crowd disperses, Kathy is approached by two very young children who ask to see Jesus. She tells them that they missed him this time, but he will be back one day …

Credits :

  • Directed by Bryan Forbes
  • Screenplay by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall
  • Based on Whistle Down the Wind by Mary Hayley Bell
  • Produced by Richard Attenborough
  • Cinematography : Arthur Ibbetson
  • Edited by Max Benedict
  • Music by Malcolm Arnold
  • Production Companies : 
    Beaver Pictures and Allied Film Makers
  • Distributed by J. Arthur Rank Film Distributors
  • Release Date : 20 July 1961

Cast :

  • Hayley Mills as Kathy Bostock
  • Bernard Lee as Mr  Bostock
  • Alan Bates as Arthur Blakey
  • Diane Holgate as Nan Bostock
  • Alan Barnes as Charles Bostock
  • Norman Bird as Eddie
  • Diane Clare as the Sunday School Teacher
  • Patricia Heneghan as Salvation Army Girl
  • John Arnatt as Superintendent Teesdale
  • Elsie Wagstaff as Auntie Dorothy
  • Hamilton Dyce as Mr Reeves, the Vicar
  • Howard Douglas as the Vet
  • Ronald Hines as P.C. Thurstow
  • Gerald Sim as Detective Constable Wilcox
  • Michael Lees as 1st Civil Defence Worker
  • Michael Raghan as 2nd Civil Defence Worker
  • May Barton as Villager
  • Roy Holder as Jackie
  • Barry Dean as Raymond or Patto (the teenage boy who slaps Kathy in the playground)

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