🎥 Top O’The Morning – 1949

The Story …

After the famed Blarney Stone disappears from a small Irish town, the American insurance agency covering it sends Joe Mulqueen (Bing Crosby) to investigate.

In Ireland, Joe meets Conn McNaughton (Ann Blyth), the daughter of the village civic guard, who reveals that Joe’s presence fulfils part of a prophecy predicting the stone’s theft …

Conn’s father, Briany (Barry Fitzgerald), suspects Joe, but the village police inspector and Joe soon discover that the theft was not the only crime committed.

This movie is just a simple, enjoyable musical! …

Credits :

  • Directed by : David Miller
  • Screenplay by : Edmund Beloin and Richard L. Breen
  • Produced by : Robert L. Welch
  • Cinematography : Lionel Lindon
  • Edited by : Arthur P. Schmidt
  • Music by : Robert Emmett Dolan
  • Production Company : Bing Crosby
  • Productions
  • Distributed by : Paramount Pictures
  • Release Date : August 31, 1949

Cast :

  • Bing Crosby as Joe Mulqueen
  • Ann Blyth as Conn McNaughton
  • Barry Fitzgerald as Sergeant Briny McNaughton
  • Hume Cronyn as Hughie Devine
  • Eileen Crowe as Biddy O’Devlin
  • John McIntire as Inspector Fallon
  • Tudor Owen as Cormac Gillespie
  • Jimmy Hunt as Pearse O’Neill
  • Morgan Farley as Edwin Livesley
  • John Eldredge as E. L. Larkin
  • John “Skins” Miller as Dowdler
  • John Costello as Village Gossip
  • Dick Ryan as Clark O’Ryan
  • Bernard Cauley as Boy
  • Paul Connelly as Boy

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Genre : #Musical-Movies