🎥 The Exorcist – 1973

The Story …

In Georgetown, Washington, D.C., actress Chris MacNeil is starring in a film. MacNeil, along with her 12-year-old daughter Regan, rents a house with servants.

Father Damien Karras, a psychiatrist who counsels Georgetown University priests, visits his ailing mother in New York. He confides to a colleague that he feels unfit in his role, citing a crisis of faith.

Chris hosts a party with Karras’ friend, Father Dyer, who explains Karras’ role as counsellor, mentioning that his mother died recently. Regan, seemingly unwell, appears and urinates before Chris comforts her. After she puts Regan to bed, it shakes violently.

Dyer consoles Karras, who expresses guilt at not having been with his mother when she died …

Regan’s personality becomes violent. She is subjected to medical tests, which find no physical cause. During a house call, Regan exhibits abnormal strength.

One night, Chris finds the house empty except for a sleeping Regan. A man is found dead beneath Regan’s window. A detective questions Karras, confiding that the victim’s head was turned backwards.

Regan’s condition worsens as her body becomes covered with sores. The detective visits, telling Chris that the only plausible explanation for the man’s death is that he was pushed from Regan’s window. As the detective leaves, Regan has another violent fit, stabbing her vagina with a crucifix and turning her head backwards. Regan is confined to her bedroom.

Chris seeks out Karras, who visits Regan. The possessed Regan claims to be the Devil himself, and projectile vomits into Karras’s face while speaking in tongues. The demon says it will remain in Regan until she is dead. At night, Chris’s assistant calls Karras to the house. Still ambivalent, Karras concludes that an exorcism is warranted. His superior grants permission on the condition that an experienced priest lead the ritual. Merrin, having performed an exorcism before, is summoned.

Merrin arrives at the house. As the priests read from the Roman Ritual, the demon curses them. The priests rest and Merrin, shaking, takes nitroglycerin. Karras enters the bedroom where the demon appears as his mother. Showing weakness, Karras exclaims that the demon is not his mother. Merrin excuses Karras and continues the exorcism by himself. Karras assures Chris that Regan will not die and re-enters the room, finding Merrin dead.

Enraged, Karras beats the possessed Regan and demands that the demon take him instead. The demon rips the medallion of Saint Joseph from Karras’ neck and possesses him, freeing Regan. Karras hurls himself out the window, tumbling down the stairs outside. Chris and Kinderman enter the room. Chris embraces the healed Regan, and Kinderman surveys the scene. Outside, Dyer administers the dying Karras last rites.

The MacNeils prepare to leave, and Father Dyer says goodbye. Despite having no memory of her ordeal, Regan, moved by the sight of Dyer’s clerical collar kisses him on the cheek.

As the MacNeils leave, Chris gives Dyer the medallion found in Regan’s room.

Credits :

  • Directed by : William Friedkin
  • Screenplay by : William Peter Blatty
  • Based on : The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty
  • Produced by : William Peter Blatty
  • Cinematography : Owen Roizman
  • Edited by : Evan A. Lottman, Norman Gay and Bud S. Smith
  • Music by : Jack Nitzsche
  • Production Company : Hoya Productions
  • Distributed by :  Warner Bros.
  • Release Date : December 26, 1973

Cast :

  • Ellen Burstyn as Chris MacNeil
  • Max von Sydow as Father Lankester Merrin
  • Lee J. Cobb as Lieutenant William F. Kinderman
  • Kitty Winn as Sharon Spencer
  • Jack MacGowran as Burke Dennings
  • Jason Miller as Father / Dr. Damien Karras, S.J.
  • Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil
  • Father William O’Malley as Father Joseph Dyer
  • Barton Heyman as Dr. Samuel Klein
  • Peter Masterson as Dr. Barringer
  • Rudolf Schündler as Karl, House Servant
  • Gina Petrushka as Willi Engstrom
  • Robert Symonds as Dr. Taney
  • Arthur Storch as The Psychiatrist
  • Father Thomas Bermingham as Father Tom Kanavan, President of Georgetown University
  • Vasiliki Maliaros as Mrs. Karras, Damien’s Mother
  • Titos Vandis as John, Damien’s Uncle
  • John Mahon as Language Lab Director
  • Wallace Rooney as Bishop Michael
  • Ron Faber as Chuck and The Voice of Pazuzu
  • Donna Mitchell as Mary Jo Perrin
  • Dick Callinan as Captain Billy Cutshaw
  • Roy Cooper as Jesuit Dean
  • Robert Gerringer as Senator at Party
  • Mercedes McCambridge as The Voice of Pazuzu
  • William Peter Blatty as Fromme, The Producer (uncredited)
  • Paul Bateson as Radiologist’s Assistant (uncredited)
  • Elinore Blair as Nurse (uncredited)
  • Barton Lane as Angiography Doctor (uncredited)
  • Eileen Dietz as The Face of Pazuzu (uncredited)
  • Ann Miles as Spiderwalk

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