🎥 Submarine Seahawk – 1958

The Story …

The plot tells the story of a by-the-book officer (in his first command in the Pacific war) who is ordered to take his submarine on a reconnaissance mission.

His mission – to to locate a fleet of Japanese fighting ships the Allies have lost track of …

At first, the rest of the crew resent his distant manner and the way he keeps avoiding taking on the Japanese.

Tasked with a perilous mission, they navigate underwater battles, espionage, and political tensions.

As Mathews faces accusations and geopolitical complexities, he must strive to keep the crew together …

Credits :

  • Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet
  • Screenplay by Lou Rusoff
  • Produced by Alex Gordon and Orville H. Hampton
  • Cinematography : Gilbert Warrenton
  • Edited by Homer Powell and Ronald Sinclair
  • Music by Alexander Laszlo
  • Production Company : Golden State Productions
  • Distributed by American International Pictures
  • Release Date : December 1958

Cast :

  • John Bentley as Lt. Cmdr. Paul Turner
  • Brett Halsey as Lt. (j.g.) David Shore
  • Wayne Heffley as Cmdr. Dean Stoker
  • Steve Mitchell as CPO Andy Flowers
  • Henry McCann as Seaman Ellis Bellis
  • Paul Maxwell as Lt. Bill Hallohan, XO
  • Nicky Blair as Sam
    Frank Gerstle as Capt. Boardman
  • Jan Brooks as Mrs Ellen Turner
  • Mabel Rea as Maisie
  • Leon Tyler as Ed
    Hal Bogart as Radio Operator
  • Frank Watkins as Bearded Sonar Man
  • Don Fenwick as Radio Operator
  • Marilyn Hanold as Nancy

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