🎥 She Wore A Yellow Ribbon – 1949

The Story …

On the verge of his retirement in 1876 at Fort Starke, a small Frontier Army post, aging cavalry veteran Nathan Cutting Brittles is given one last mission: to deal with a breakout by the Cheyenne and Arapaho from their reservation following the defeat of George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, and prevent a new frontier war.

Brittles’ task is complicated by a second order: to deliver his commanding officer’s wife and niece, Abby Allshard and Olivia Dandridge, to an eastbound. His troop officers, 1st Lt. Flint Cohill and 2nd Lt. Ross Pennell, vie for the affections of Olivia while uneasily anticipating the retirement of their captain and mentor.

Assisting Capt. Brittles with his mission is his chief scout, Sgt. Tyree, a one-time Confederate captain of cavalry; his first sergeant, Quincannon; and Maj. Allshard, Brittles’s long-time friend and commanding officer.

After apparently failing in both missions, Brittles returns with the troop to Fort Starke to retire. His lieutenants continue the mission in the field, joined by Brittles after “quitting the post and the Army”.

Unwilling to see more lives needlessly taken, Brittles takes it upon himself to try to make peace with his old friend Chief Pony That Walks. When that too fails, he devises a risky stratagem to avoid a bloody war by stampeding the renegades’ horses out of their camp, forcing them to return to their reservation … on foot, trailed at a discreet distance by Lt. Cohill’s troop of cavalry.

Brittles is recalled to duty as Chief of Scouts with the rank of Lt. Colonel—a U.S. War Department order endorsed, he is pleased to see, by Gens. Phil Sheridan and William Tecumseh Sherman, and by President Ulysses S. Grant. Olivia and Lt. Cohill become engaged. The film ends with the troop of cavalry trotting down the road on patrol.

Credits :

  • Directed by John Ford
  • Screenplay by Frank Nugent and Laurence Stallings
  • Based on The Big Hunt 1947 story in The Saturday Evening Post War Party 1948 in The Saturday Evening Post by James Warner Bellah
  • Produced by Argosy Pictures
  • Narrated by Irving Pichel
  • Cinematography :  Winton C. Hoch
  • Edited by Jack Murray
  • Music by Richard Hageman
  • Colour Process : Technicolor
  • Production Company : Argosy Pictures
  • Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures
  • Release Dates : July 26, 1949

Cast :

  • John Wayne as Captain Nathan Brittles
  • Joanne Dru as Olivia Dandridge
  • John Agar as Lieutenant Flint Cohill
  • Ben Johnson as Sergeant Tyree
  • Harry Carey Jr. as Lieutenant Ross Pennell
  • Victor McLaglen as Sergeant Quincannon
  • Mildred Natwick as Mrs. Abby Allshard
  • George O’Brien as Major Mack Allshard
  • Arthur Shields as Dr. O’Laughlin
  • Michael Dugan as Sergeant Hochbauer
  • Chief John Big Tree as Pony-That-Walks
  • Fred Graham as Sergeant Hench
  • George Sky Eagle as Chief Sky Eagle
  • Tom Tyler as Corporal Quayne
  • Noble Johnson as Red Shirt

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