🎥 Please Don’t Eat The Daisies – 1960

The Story …

Professor Lawrence “Larry” Mackay and his wife Kate are struggling with four young sons in a tiny two-bedroom apartment in New York City.

Months before, they had announced their intention to move to a larger apartment, but have not been able to find one. Meanwhile, their lease has expired and the landlord has rented out their apartment to someone who insists they vacate in three weeks.

They decide to look for a house in the country, but the only thing they can afford is a run-down mansion complete with secret panels and trap doors, 70 miles away by train in fictional Hooton. They have no choice but to move in and start fixing it up …

In the midst of the moving chaos, Larry has left his professorship at the university to become a drama critic for a major New York newspaper.

His first assignment is to review the new show produced by his best friend, Alfred North. The show is awful, and Larry’s review is especially hard on the show’s star, Deborah Vaughn, who gets her revenge by hiring a press photographer to capture her slapping Larry’s face at Sardi’s.

This publicity stunt, along with Larry’s published response, makes Larry the toast of the town. Kate and Larry are suddenly invited to society parties and hobnobbing with the rich and famous, which begins to go to Larry’s head. With the hammering and builders at home, Larry decides to stay in a hotel in the city for a few weeks, leaving Kate to organize the new house.

Back home, Kate tries her best to manage the four children and fit into their new community. When asked by the local dramatic society to find them an original play for their next production, Kate turns to Alfred.

Alfred, seeing a chance for a bit of revenge of his own, gives them a terrible play written by a young Lawrence Mackay — with an altered title and fictitious playwright listed on the cover. Alfred then secretly invites all of the major New York critics to review the play.

Larry finds out and has a huge fight with Kate, blaming her for his professional embarrassment. He refuses to allow the show to go on. Kate insists it is too late for the Hooton Holler Players to get another show ready, so Larry reluctantly allows them to proceed, publishing his own review of the show before opening night.

Not to be left out, Deborah Vaughn decides to strike up a close, personal friendship with Larry, flattering him seductively. Kate’s mother Suzie Robinson urges her to get Larry back before it is too late. Kate and Larry make up and return to their country home in time for one of the boys to drop a water bomb on them from an upstairs window …

Credits :

  • Directed by Charles Walters
  • Screenplay by Isobel Lennart
  • Based on Please Don’t Eat the Daisies 1957 book by Jean Kerr
  • Produced by Joe Pasternak
  • Cinematography : Robert J. Bronner
  • Edited by John McSweeney Jr.
  • Music by David Rose
  • Production Company : Euterpe Inc.
  • Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • Release Date : March 31, 1960

Cast :

  • Doris Day as Kate Robinson Mackay
  • David Niven as Lawrence “Larry” Mackay
  • Janis Paige as Deborah Vaughn
  • Spring Byington as Suzie Robinson
  • Richard Haydn as Alfred North
  • Patsy Kelly as Maggie
  • Jack Weston as Joe Positano
  • John Harding as Reverend Norman McQuarry
  • Margaret Lindsay as Mona James
  • Carmen Phillips as Mary Smith
  • Mary Patton as Mrs. Hunter
  • Charles Herbert as David Mackay
  • Stanley Livingston as Gabriel MacKay
  • Flip Mark as George MacKay
  • Baby Gellert as Adam McKay

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