πŸŽ₯ McLintock! – 1963

The Story …

Tough cattle baron and town namesake George Washington “G.W.” McLintock lives as a bachelor on his ranch.

His wife, Katherine “Kate” McLintock, abandoned him with no explanation and become a socialite back East two years prior; his daughter, Rebecca “Becky” McLintock, is away finishing her college degree.

In the town, G.W. is disliked by local bureaucrat Matt Douglas, and territorial Governor Cuthbert H. Humphrey.

However, he is a friend to many, including Sheriff Lord, General Store owner Jake Birnbaum, and the local populations of beggars and Comanche Indians …

G.W. addresses a group of homesteaders, warning them that the land is unsuitable for farming because the land is above 6000 feet above sea level. He points out that an earlier group of homesteaders had tried and failed to prove up the land because of insufficient rain for growing crops. Devlin “Dev” Warren, a young man with a mother and sister to support, asks G.W. for a job. G.W. initially refuses; egged on by aged drifter Bunny, Dev resorts to begging, then lashes out in frustration when G.W. relents.

However, G.W. still hires him. He also hires Dev’s widowed mother Mrs. Warren, after tasting her cooking. G.W. then learns Kate is in town. She tells him she wants a divorce, so she can take Becky back East with her. G.W. refuses. Kate then decides to move back onto the ranch, and starts bossing everyone around, immediately targeting Mrs. Warren.

The Comanche come into town to meet a train, and Sheriff Lord settles them near the homesteaders. When a homesteader’s daughter wanders off with her suitor, Douglas and the homesteaders assume the Comanche took her and attempt to lynch Running Buffalo in retaliation.

G.W. and his men arrive to try to defuse the situation, and a huge and muddy brawl ensues, with Kate unexpectedly joining in on G.W.’s side.

Later, Becky arrives home from college with a would-be suitor, Douglas’ son “Junior”. G.W. disapproves of Junior, so Kate makes a show of approving. Also aboard Becky’s train are four Comanche chiefs, who have arrived for a hearing to determine if their people will be sent to a reservation in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. G.W. agrees to speak at the hearing on their behalf.

While getting ready for Becky’s welcome-home party, Dev and Becky get into an argument when he accuses Junior of being a “Dude”. At the party, Dev gets into a fistfight to protect Birnbaum’s young assistant Davy, and impresses everyone with his boxing skills. Some time later, after being deliberately taunted by Becky and Junior, Dev accuses Becky of being a trollop for kissing Junior before they were properly engaged.

Becky demands G.W. shoot Dev for insulting her. G.W. “shoots” him with a starter’s pistol to teach Becky a lesson, and allows Dev to spank Becky with a coal shovel, angering Kate.

At the hearing, G.W. delivers a passionate plea from his old enemy and blood brother Paramount Chief Puma of the Comanche to Governor Humphrey, but is ignored. The Comanche are ordered to be imprisoned until they can be sent to Fort Sill. Getting drunk that night, G.W. suggests to Bunny that, if the Comanche were to go out fighting as they requested, the Government might realize Humphrey’s mismanagement of the territory and intervene.

G.W. returns home and pressures Mrs. Warren into drinking with him; both of them fall down the stairs, and Kate assumes the worst when she sees Mrs. Warren on G.W.’s lap, until Mrs. Warren explains she is quitting because Sheriff Lord has asked her to marry him and she has accepted.

At the Fourth of July celebrations the next day, Kate sternly refuses Humphrey’s advances, but continues to treat her husband harshly. Bunny, who took G.W. seriously, helps set the Comanches free. They arms themselves with rifles and ammunition from a military boxcar and charge through town on their way to fight the Army, the cavalry in hot pursuit.

While hiding in a haystack, Dev and Becky reconcile, and become engaged. Encouraged by this, and on advice from Birnbaum, G.W. confronts Kate, getting her to admit that she left because she found lipstick on his shirt and incorrectly assumed he was having an affair.

After pursuing her like Nemesis through town and publicly spanking her, G.W. tells Kate that now she is free to divorce him, and leaves for home. However, she follows him, and the two finally reconcile.

Credits :

  • Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen
  • Written by James Edward Grant
  • Produced by Michael Wayne
  • Cinematography : William H. Clothier
  • Edited by Otho Lovering and Bill Lewis
  • Music by De Vol
  • Production Company : Batjac Productions
  • Distributed by United Artists
  • Release Date : November 13, 1963

Cast :

  • John Wayne as George Washington “G.W.” McLintock
  • Maureen O’Hara as Katherine “Kate” McLintock
  • Patrick Wayne as Devlin “Dev” Warren
  • Stefanie Powers as Rebecca “Becky” McLintock
  • Jack Kruschen as Jake Birnbaum
  • Chill Wills as Drago
  • Yvonne De Carlo as Louise Warren
  • Jerry Van Dyke as Matt Douglas Jr.
  • Edgar Buchanan as Bunny Dull
  • Perry Lopez as Davey Elk
  • Strother Martin as Agard
  • Gordon Jones as Matt Douglas
  • Robert Lowery as Gov. Cuthbert H. Humphrey
  • Hank Worden as Curly Fletcher
  • Michael Pate as Puma, Chief of the Comanche Nation
  • Bruce Cabot as Ben Sage, Sr.
  • Edward Faulkner as Ben Sage, Jr.
  • Mari Blanchard as Camille
  • Leo Gordon as Jones
  • Chuck Roberson as Sheriff Jeff Lord
  • Bob Steele as Train Engineer
  • Aissa Wayne as Alice Warren
  • “Big” John Hamilton as Fauntleroy Sage
  • H.W. Gim as Ching

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