🎥 Dr Phibes Rises Again – 1972


The Story …

Three years after the events of the previous film, Dr Anton Phibes emerges from suspended animation when the Moon enters into an alignment with the planets which last occurred 2,000 years ago.

Phibes prepares to take Victoria’s body to the River of Life in Egypt, which promises eternal life for him and Victoria. However, his ancient papyrus map to the river has been taken by Darius Biederbeck, a man who has lived for centuries through the regular use of a special elixir.

After translating the papyrus, Biederbeck seeks the River of Life for himself and his lover Diana.

Phibes and his silent assistant Vulnavia enter Biederbeck’s house, kill his manservant, and reclaim the papyrus; they leave for Southampton to take a ship to Egypt. Biederbeck travels on the same ship with Diana and his assistant Ambrose.

When Ambrose discovers Victoria’s body stored in the hold, Phibes kills him. His body is stuffed in a giant bottle and thrown overboard.

Inspector Trout discovers the corpse when the bottle washes ashore near Southampton. He and Superintendent Waverley question shipping agent Lombardo; upon hearing the descriptions of Vulnavia, an organ, and a clockwork band all being loaded aboard, they realize that Dr Phibes is responsible.

Trout and Waverley pursue Phibes to Egypt, catching up to Biederbeck’s archaeological party near the mountain housing the hidden temple. Phibes, having set up residence inside the temple, hides Victoria’s body in a secret compartment of an empty sarcophagus.

He also finds the silver key that opens the gates to the River of Life. Phibes begins killing Biederbeck’s men one by one. Biederbeck’s team breaks into the temple and takes the sarcophagus and the key. Biederbeck finds the key and takes it.

Phibes uses a giant screw press to crush the man guarding the sarcophagus and a giant fan to simulate a windstorm, muffling his screams. The sarcophagus is retrieved.

Biederbeck is unmoved by the murders and insists on continuing. He sends Diana and Professor Hackett, the last remaining team member, back to England. Hackett is lured from his truck by Phibes’ clockwork men impersonating British troops.

When he returns to the truck, Diana is gone and he is sand-blasted to death. His truck crashes into Biederbeck’s tent.

Realizing Phibes must have taken Diana, Biederbeck confronts him in the temple. Phibes demands the key in exchange for Diana’s life, claiming that when the gate is opened the water will drain out of Diana’s trap and flow through the gate.

Unable to free her from Phibes’ water trap, Biederbeck surrenders the key. Phibes unlocks the gate to the River of Life, boats Victoria’s coffin through it, and summons Vulnavia to join them on the other side.

Biederbeck returns to the gate as it closes, pleading through the bars for Phibes to take him along – Phibes ignores him. 

The story unfolds …

Credits :

  • Directed by : Robert Fuest
  • Written by : Robert Blees andRobert Fuest
  • Produced by : Louis M. Heyward
  • Cinematography : Alex Thomson
  • Edited by : Tristam V. Cones
  • Music by : John Gale
  • Production Company : American International Pictures
  • Distributed by : Anglo-EMI Film Distributors Ltd./MGM-EMI (U.K.)
  • Release Date : July 1972

Cast :

  • Vincent Price as Dr. Anton Phibes
  • Robert Quarry as Darius Biederbeck
  • Valli Kemp as Vulnavia
  • Peter Jeffrey as Inspecter Trout
  • Fiona Lewis as Diana Trowbridge
  • Hugh Griffith as Harry Ambrose
  • Peter Cushing as Captain
  • Beryl Reid as Miss Ambrose
  • Terry-Thomas as Lombardo
  • John Cater as Superintendent Waverley
  • Gerald Sim as Hackett
  • Lewis Fiander as Baker
  • John Thaw as Shavers
  • Keith Buckley as Stewart
  • Milton Reid as Cheng
  • John Comer as Ship’s Officer
  • Caroline Munro as Victoria Regina

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